Monday, July 19, 2010

I've got scooter bites!

My oldest sister and her family came back from their vacation...Just in time to see my hot ride!

Yes, A 2010 Black Challenger! As soon as I pulled into the driveway of my parents house I was bombarded with questions from my little nephews, Jacob and Dylan. I quickly answered as my bro in law Mike practically yanked the keys out of my hand to take her for a spin; my sister on his heels for the front seat. As me and my mom chatted watching my sister and her husband drive in the sunset in MY car we looked behind us to see their two boys left behind. We were certain they weren't coming back.

My eight year old nephew asked me the same question over and over again. "When'd you get it?When'd you get it? When'd you get it?" Finally, after answering "yesterday" everytime, I grabbed his cheeks with my hands and pulled him until our foreheads were pushed together and we looked like cyclops (so close it looked like we had one eye) and said, "Dylan, listen to me. I. Got. The. Car. Yesterday." I tried to keep my patience and straight face but his constant giggling didn't help me much.

I felt like a carnival ride, promising to give Jacob and Dylan a ride in my car around the back of my mom's neighborhood. When we were walking down the porch steps, I announced, "Y'all are sitting in the back seat!"

"Why?" They asked.

"Because I'm not listening to y'all argue over the front."

"But we WON'T!" Jacob said forcing all of his attitude to the last word in all his sentences.

"Fine, who's sitting in the front then?"

"I am because I'm the oldest!" Dylan claimed.

"But I want to sit in the front!" Jacob said.

"That's what I thought, get in the back!" I said.

The first 5 seconds we were in the car, not even fully buckled in I had to yell at Jacob twice..."GET YOU FEET OUT OF MY SEAT!" as he trampled my brand new, untouched by cheeks seat with his grassy skateboard shoes. But of course he argued with me...

"JoJo I didn't put my feet in your SEAT!"

"Jake I saw you."

"Nu UH!"

As I was just about to pull out the drive way, Sara and her crew pulled up! I hollered if they wanted to ride (Lillie and Austin) but of course Lillie thought she was too good for my car and Emmy was too young but Austin hopped into the front seat.

"Why does he get to sit in the front?" Dylan whined and all I could do was drop my head to the steering wheel and only one thought crossed my mind...

We were sitting around the dinner table...Mike was lecturing me how to wash my car..."Please don't towel dry." he begged.

"I don't use a towel to dry my car."

"How do you dry your car?"

"I air dry." and instantly his head fell to his hands. There was a trip to Autozone shortly after to pick up some more appropriate supplies to make sure my car stays shiny and scratch free.

Carrie was yelling at my sisters IPhone at the Angry birds game and Sara was most likely applying her 12Th coat of chap stick. Lille walked in from outside, "Momma, I got scooter bites!"

"I will get you some scooter repellent!" Sara said as if the most natural thing in the world...My family is sooo redneck!

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